Indie Row Top 20 Rules

New INDIE ROW TOP 20 Voting Rules
(In effect July 1st – Updated October 1st)

With the incredible response received from the INDIE ROW TOP 20 Countdown over its first 5 weeks, the TNC Team has reviewed the process and structure, and implemented new rules and criteria.
The following contains important details that can help you and your music and latest singles.
Please take 5 minutes to read over the details.

Choosing Songs.
The 25-30 Songs for the latest weekly INDIE ROW Voting Polls are determined by the TNC Team each Wed-Thurs.
They include the previous week’s Top 20 + a combination of 5-10 additional songs, made up of runner’s up songs (potentially giving them a 2nd or 3rd chance), and new 1st time songs to the voting poll.

INDIE ROW TOP 20 Countdown Placement.
– 80%-Fan Voting – Fans will be limited to 10 votes per day; the song with the most votes each week does not necessarily determine the #1 song on the Countdown.
– 10%-Active Social Media/Promotion (shares of TNC posts, promotion of the INDIE ROW TOP 20, post likes, comments, etc).
– 10%-TNC Team discretionary review of individual songs and the voting process.

Fan Voting.
– This is an awesome way to connect and engage with your fans, while building a stronger supportive fan base.
– We WANT to see high (but fair) voting, which means more of your fans are engaged with you and your music.
– New Weekly Voting will happen over a 4 day period (103 hours), from each Friday at 5pm ET to Tuesday at Midnight ET.
– Fans can vote up to 10 times per day.
– As the majority will recruit their fan bases for votes, we also know that IP Addresses and Cookies can be sometimes reset, cleared and/or manipulated. Any flagged anomalies, misuse or abuse of the voting system by fans may result in a banned IP Address, lost votes, position adjustment, and/or disqualification (only as a final option) of the artist(s) voted for; 5 or more flagged voting anomalies will automatically result in a loss of 5 positions on the countdown, no matter the number of votes cast.

Rewards of the INDIE ROW TOP 20.
– Placing in the INDIE ROW TOP 20 can be an incredibly useful tool and/or resume element to a single’s success, especially if an Artist or their Single is not receiving support from traditional Radio.
– The #1 song from the INDIE ROW TOP 20 is also featured just before the #1 song on the TNC Top 20 Countdown, which immediately follows the INDIE ROW TOP 20.
– All singles in the Top 20 automatically receive full regular rotation on TNC Radio during that active week (ie: Monday-Sunday).
– The additional 5-10 songs as part of the max 30 eligible songs on each week’s voting poll (including the Top 20) will also receive full regular rotation on TNC Radio during that active week (ie: Monday-Sunday).

Once in the Top 30/Top 20 mix…
– Singles will be eligible for a maximum of 10 weeks on the INDIE ROW TOP 20.
– The highest a song can debut in the Top 20 is at the Song #12 position.
– The highest a song can re-enter in the Top 20 is at the Song #15 position.
– The maximum a song can move up each week is 5 spots, unless otherwise determined by the TNC Programming Team.
– After making the INDIE ROW Top 20, the maximum a song can move down each week is 5 spots, unless otherwise determined by the TNC Programming Team.
– If a song currently/most previously between the #1 and #12 positions finishes the next voting poll outside of the Top 20 in voting, it can drop as many as 10 positions.
– If a single misses the Top 20, the TNC Team can give that song a 2nd chance at voting.
– If a single misses either (a) 2 consecutive weeks in the Top 20, or (b) 3 combined weeks in the Top 20, it will be moved to TNC’s Indie-Recurrent Category….but could potentially get another chance, upon request and review.
– Songs/Singles are limited to a maximum of 15 weeks on the chart, despite its performance/position.
– TNC Artist Membership’s are optional, but encouraged, as an Artist can receive an additional 3rd chance at the Top 20, upon request or at the discretion of the TNC Team – Ask us for details.

– We try our best to send out regular TNC and INDIE ROW updates, whether they be via email or our TNC Facebook Page.
– These updates will usually contain important voting info, countdown positions, voting links, etc.
– Check alternate folders to make sure any TNC emails and/or notifications are going to your Inbox.
– Make sure that YOU like the TNC Facebook Page, as we often Tag Artists in our Posts.
– Make sure the TNC Team has the best contact information possible, so you don’t miss INDIE ROW updates and/or social media tags.
– Make sure you (and/or your Management) is diligent in checking for INDIE ROW email and/or social media updates.

Tips and Suggestions.
– We WANT to see you and your music succeed – We don’t just say it, we back it up and follow through with actual support!
– Make sure we receive and are up-to-date with, your latest singles and recordings – We can’t play your music, if we don’t have it.
– Be active on your Social Media.
– Share posts, and request support from your fan base.
– Encourage fans to LIKE and SHARE the TNC Facebook Page – The more your fans are seeing our newsfeed and updates, the more they’ll support your music, and the less you’ll have to remind them. 😉

These rules and regulations could be updated at any time, at the discretion of the TNC Programming Team.

TNC Artist Memberships
– If you’re already a TNC Artist Member – Thanks for your support!
– TNC Artist Memberships are optional, but encouraged, as there are many advantages and extras that are included.
– Artist Profile Upgrades – Include a Profile Picture, Artist Bio, Social Media Tags, and more.
– Rotating as one of our “Featured Artist of the Week” Profiles, both via and TNC Radio.
– Voting Rights for the (TBA) TNC Music Awards.
– And more!
– Make sure we have your basic info, so we can include your Artist Profile on
– Ask us about a special 10% Off Coupon Code – If you’ve taken the time to read this far, you deserve it! 😉

Thanks for supporting Canadian Country Music!

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