1.0 TNC Artist Members


True North Country (TNC) is dedicated to supporting Canadian Country, with specific support in place for Independent Canadian Country Artists.

These artists have graciously shown their support by contributing to TNC with a TNC Artist Membership.
100% of TNC Artist Memberships go towards covering TNC operational costs, allowing TNC to support Canadian Country from coast to coast.
As one part of their Membership, each of these Artists have a more detailed Online Profile here on the TNC website.
Please take the time to visit their profile and learn more about them, their music and their aspiring music careers.

Lifetime Artist Members (newest support level)
- Aaron Deslandes
- Doug Folkins
- Travis Dolter

Current TNC Artist Members (annual)
- Aaron Halliday
- Abigale
- Adam Cousins
- Adam Winn
- Al Brake
- Alecia Aichelle
- Andrew Frelick
- Augusta Ray
- Barbara Lynn Doran
- Blaine Zimmerman
- Bob Donaldson
- Brad James
- Brenda Dirk
- Brian John Harwood
- Chase Stevens
- Courtney Bowles
- Dan Badger
- Dean James
- Dean James
- Dean Young
- Duane Watson
- Emily Clair
- Emo LeBlanc
- Evan Farrell
- Ginelle James
- Hometown Stereo
- Jackie Guy
- Joyce Greenan
- Justine Lynn
- Matt James
- Megan Freedman
- Rebecca Rain
- Rick Snider
- Ryan Keown
- Ryan St. Pierre
- Scotty Kipfer
- Stephen John
- The Dirt Rich Band
- The Dirt Road Angels
- Tianna Woods
- West Of Memphis