About Amanda Hagel.
Amanda Hagel has been hard at work since the release of her debut album “Rush” in the fall of 2014 developing her brand, building her music catalogue and gaining industry recognition as an indie artist on the rise across and Canada and beyond.

There's no doubt that despite Amanda`s personal interest and established career in the Health and Wellness field as a Personal Fitness Trainer, her true passion and soul calling has always been centered around music. After picking up the guitar at the age of 9, Amanda developed her musical craft of song writing and performing over many years of experience and opportunity.

Through entering countless singing and song writing competitions, playing and singing as part of church music ministries for many years and playing regularly in two cover bands she co-founded 10 years ago , there was never a doubt that Amanda`s musical path would lead to her to the place she finds herself in today! A country music artist on a mission to create meaningful music and share her talents and passion of music with the world!

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