Born in Indian Head, Saskatchewan, and raised in Moose Factory, Ontario, Blaine never developed the sense of having a home that grounds some artists. Moving around in his childhood and always being “from away”, creates the restless undertone that permeates all of Blaine’s music.

Blaine started playing guitar at age 9, was in his first band at age 13, and started song writing at age 15 after participating in a song writing workshop with Canadian folk band, Tamarack.

Blaine comes from a diverse musical background. Like many singers and musicians, it all began with church music (both hymns and gospel songs). Blaine was also influenced by traditional Scottish music (specifically James Bay style fiddle playing), folk music, traditional country, Blues, heavy metal, and jazz.

A veteran of hundreds of band gigs(mainly as a side man) and solo performances, Blaine felt that the time was right to release a solo project commercially and set to work on what would become his debut EP in August 2017. Working out of pocket with an all-star cast of Canadian musicians, Blaine recorded “Worth Fighting For” at Chalet Recording Studio in early 2018. “Worth Fighting For” was released on May 11, 2018.

Blaine is a methodical writer with a beautiful, yet conversational style and a “song first” mentality, that won’t compromise the story to fit a rigid template.

Blaine doesn’t shy away from “the dark places” when he writes. His debut single “Ride On” is a brutally honest and heartfelt account of a journey he found himself on while trying to come to terms with the loss of a close friend, Dani, to a brain tumour. To achieve his vision for “Ride on” Blaine enlisted the help of RUNAWAY ANGEL singer Cadence Grace, and former THE GUESS WHO guitarist, Dale Russell to co-write the song.

Blaine’s high energy performances, eclectic repertoire, and rich baritone voice make the veteran lead guitarists foray into Canadian Country Music something to experience!

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