It has been an exciting couple of years for The Dirt Rich Band! In 2016 the boys released their first single "Lookin' For a Job" to Canadian Country Radio. They released a follow up single in August titled "Your Song” accompanied by their first music video.

Their debut EP titled "Cash poor. Dirt rich" was released on May 26th 2017. The album was written entirely by The Dirt Rich Band and was recorded and produced by CCMA award winning producer Bart McKay. It is diverse, energetic, and has a unique Dirt Rich style that the boys bring to modern country music.

2017 saw the radio release of Summertime State of Mind…a kickin’ summer party song! As well as the fiery hot Right Now, and the favourite amongst the ladies Dreamt This Up.

The boys come from all over Saskatchewan and Alberta and are currently residing in the Lloydminster area. Their wide array of country covers has always been a hit at all occasions. From harvest fields to big dance halls these boys bring the best of country music to every event. They have had the privilege of opening for George Canyon, Aaron Pritchett, Gord Bamford, Aaron Lines, as well as Bobby Wills.

Dallas Schira- Vocals - Music has always been a part of my life. I love how music tells a story, a story you can feel. I love playing in a band because it allows me to tell my own story/version of the song through my vocals. My favourite moment was the feeling that came over me when I first saw someone in the crowd singing a song we wrote, word for word, along with me! That’s something I'll never forget!
Landon Franson - Guitar & Vocals - Music seems to be the one place where everything makes sense. I would assume it's like the high an addict gets…taking me to new heights. It’s impossible to choose a favourite moment! I cherish every moment I've had in this band and all the people we have met along the way!
Erik Keichinger- Drums - I remember when I was around 5 years old… my Dad was playing the piano in our living room. I had a tiny keyboard that I'm sure I annoyed everyone with! I hit random keys until all of a sudden I hit one key at the right time that was a match. I have been hooked ever since trying to repeat the music I hear. Now I love getting the chance to create my own music. I feel fortunate that I get to experience the joys of putting a perfect combination of notes together in unison with a talented group of musicians.
Fuzzy Kennedy - Bass - I grew up listening to country music. My father was in a band all his life. Music is the universal language and you can't have a party with out music! My favourite show was opening for Gord Bamford!

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