Matt James is from Mattagami First Nations, near Timmins Ontario. Matthew has been involved in music from a very early age. He was encouraged by his Grandma Naveau to keep singing, and she would say “Matthew, you go and share that beautiful voice; that is your gift from the Creator”.

Matt is also a song writer, composing more than 200 songs. Some songs have been published by other recording groups. One of which was recorded on a CD by the American group the Wells Family, and another “Before You Leave Here” has been recorded by Circa Blue from Virginia, USA.

Matt has been a member of Sudbury’s Canucky Bluegrass Boys as an award-winning bass player and song writer for the last ten years. Music is definitely his passion, and now at 31 years of age (2018) his dream is to pursue a career as a single artist in the New Country music genre.

With great effort and patience from Matt and his best friend and fellow musician, Lee D. Roy, they held fundraising activities over a six month period to travel to the USA and to record an 8 song Album in Nashville, Tennessee.

Just when Matt was getting ready to leave for Nashville, his Father passed away. The single from the CD is called “A Miner’s Prayer”. Matt dedicates this song to his father. He often heard him talk about the dangers of working in an underground mine, and always prayed that he would be safe so that he can see his family again.

With a new CD launch in June 2018 in Sudbury, plus Facebook Pages to create awareness and a brand new Website, Matt James is ready to go out and share his music.

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