TNCollective – Connect and Elevate.

Level 2 Membership



Includes all Level 1 options:
– Artist Section Upgrades, including Profile Picture + Additional Links & Info with their Artist Listing (TNC website).
Note: Non Members are only listed by name in TNC’s Artist Section.
– Priority listing in TNC’s Artist Section (TNC website).
– Priority review of new music and latest singles at TNC’s weekly Music Meetings.
– Priority given to eligible and approved singles during the INDIE ROW’LL CALL process.
– Member of the exclusive TNCollective Closed Online Group – Full of shared industry tips, feedback and more!

PLUS – Minimum 4 Guaranteed “Artist of the Day” Features.
PLUS – Minimum 1 Guaranteed “Artist of the Month” Profile/Promotion on both TNC Radio and TNC Social Media, which includes a minimum 50 x 30 Second Artist Promo’s on TNC Radio + Social Media.
PLUS – Customized TNC Support Graphics to better help promote singles.
PLUS – Exclusive Reminders to Like and Share TNC Promotional Supportive Posts.
PLUS – 24 Hour TNC Support – If you need extra support, feedback, music review, advice, etc – TNC is here to help however it can!

*Additional elements may be added to TNCollective Memberships throughout the year.

For additional information, or if you have any questions, please contact TNC directly. “tnc at truenorthcountry dot ca”