TNCollective – Connect and Elevate.

Lifetime Membership – Payment Plan Offer



The TNCollective!
– Connect and Elevate.

The TNC Collective is an elevated platform designed to further support Independent and Emerging Canadian Country Artists through added opportunities.

A great way to describe it: “Anyone can shop on Amazon. Amazon Prime gets you lots of extras!”

This support comes in the form of 24 Hour Objective Support from the TNC Team, priority to exclusive programming opportunities, online artist profiles, front of the line new music review and first to air + bonus weeks with newly approved singles, and much more!

An EXCLUSIVE OFFER for NEW TNCollective Members.

OPTION 1 – $189 NOW and $189 within 6 months of booking.
OPTION 2 – $359 – 1 Time Full Payment.

*Pick one, then you’re covered for life! Memberships never expire!
*All options automatically renew on the Membership’s 1 year anniversary at zero cost.
*Payment Plans Available, upon request.
*100% of TNCollective Memberships go directly towards TNC Operational Expenses.
*Additional Details and Links below.

AND – After full payment, any NEW TNCollective Member will have first chance to be a TNC ARTIST OF THE MONTH!
It’s first come, first served – BOOK ANY MONTH within 12 months of New Membership!

*Monthly Special Offers may expire at any time.
*Additional elements may be added to TNCollective Memberships throughout the (each) year.

E.Transfer: Guaranteed Setup within 48 Hours (email “tnc at truenorthcountry dot ca”)
PayPal: 3-5 Day Setup – Request a PayPal Link if unable to e.transfer

For additional information, or if you have any questions, please contact TNC directly. Email “tnc at truenorthcountry dot ca”

*TNCollective Memberships include, but are not limited to:
– Minimum 5 Bonus Weeks worth of air time for any new/current releases first approved by the TNC Music Panel.
– Front of the Line Music Review and First To Air with New Singles.
– First Chance to Book exclusive TNC Programming Features, including Artist of the Week, TNC Has It First and more!
– Artist Profile Section Upgrades, including Profile Picture + Additional Links & Info with their Artist Listing (TNC website).
*Note: Non Members are only listed by name in TNC’s Artist Section.
– Minimum 1 Guaranteed “Artist of the Week” Profile/Promotion on both TNC Radio and TNC Social Media, which includes a minimum 50 x 30 Second Artist Promo’s on TNC Radio + Social Media.
– 1 Guaranteed Interview Spot in TNC Programming (ie: “Canadian Country Music Connection” with Dave Woods, Down East Country or Wild West Country, etc.
– Minimum 4 Guaranteed “Artist of the Day” Features – A new feature debuting during 2023 (TBA).
– Customized TNC Support Graphics to better help promote singles.
– Exclusive Reminders to Like and Share TNC Promotional Supportive Posts.
– Member of the exclusive TNCollective Closed Online Group – Full of shared industry tips, industry discussion and feedback, and more!
– 24 Hour TNC Objective Support – If you need extra support, feedback, music review, advice, etc – TNC is here to help however it can! And we’ll be 100% Objective and Truthful.

*All options automatically renew on January 1st of each new year at no additional cost.

TNC has been on air since 2018, and on its new home of Live365 and iHeartRadio for almost a year!
Showcasing 100% Canadian Country 24/7 Across Canada, The USA, and Around the World!
Supporting over 250 Independent Canadian Country Artists, 2023 is going to be the biggest year yet!

To operate TNC and support as many artists as possible, we need your support.
In return, TNC is offering extra industry support and promotion via TNCollective Memberships.
– A way to provide extra support to Independent and Emerging Canadian Country Artists.
The TNCollective is an exclusive supporting platform that bridges Indie Artists that are on the top half level of sound, quality, etc., with Indie Artists who are still growing their sound and craft to better match todays industry.

*First and Foremost – TNCollective Memberships do not guarantee air play.
And Artists do not pay TNC to play their music.
We are 100% against any such practice.
*A song only goes to air when the TNC Music Panel reviews, discusses and approves it.
The Panel is made up of 5 prominent objective industry professionals, with no conflicts of interest to the songs or artists.
1 from Atlantic Canada, 1 from Ontario, 1 from The Prairies, 1 from Alberta and 1 from BC.
*If a song is not approved, it does not go to air in regular rotation.
That’s especially where the Collective Membership comes into play.
Both levels (approved and not approved songs) are able to take advantage of the Collective offers.
ie: like receiving Artist Profiles and Features on air, without necessarily being included in full regular rotation.
This levels the playing field and allows us to offer support to as many as possible.

Level 1 (1 Year) Memberships NO LONGER AVAILABLE *Effective August 8th 2022
Level 2 (1 Year) Memberships NO LONGER AVAILABLE TFN *Effective Sept 18th 2022