Introducing the INDIE ROW’L CALL!

First, and effective immediately, there will no longer be weekly voting for the main INDIE ROW TOP 20 Countdown.
ALL chart position determination will be done in-house by the TNC Programming Team.

With that said, we are introducing a brand new way for Independent Canadian Country Artists to earn their spot inside the IRT20 Countdown – THE INDIE ROW’L CALL!!

Each week, we’ll feature (at least) 6 newly approved songs that fans can vote on.
The latest voting poll starts on Monday June 8th at 9pm ET.
Fans can VOTE until Thursday June 11th at 12 Midnight ET / 9pm PT.

TUNE IN for a Preview of the 6 songs you can vote on:
– MONDAY June 8th starting at 9pm ET
– TUESDAY June 9th starting at 9pm ET
– WEDNESDAY June 10th starting at 3pm ET – Again starting at 9pm ET


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Development and creation of the INDIE ROW’L CALL.
TNC has moved away from fan voting for the main INDIE ROW TOP 20 Countdown, to a more industry driven chart system.
But fan engagement is still an important element of support.
We’d like to see this fan support on the front end of an artist’s latest single run.
– It helps build initial excitement and momentum for the new single.
– And it shows TNC that the artist is both promoting their latest single, and that fans are supporting it!
….and in turn, it shows fans that with their support, the artist is being supported by media like TNC.