TNCollective – Connect and Elevate.

Introducing The TNCollective!
– Connect and Elevate.

TNC has been on Live365 and iHeartRadio for 2 months now!
Showcasing 100% Canadian Country 24/7 Across Canada, The USA, and Around the World!!

TNC has operational expenses, like everyone else.
And we need your support.

In return, TNC is offering extra support and promotion via TNCollective Memberships.
– A way to provide extra support to Independent and Emerging Canadian Country Artists.

*TNCollective Memberships include, but are not limited to:

Level 1 – $99
– Artist Section Upgrades, including Profile Picture + Additional Links & Info with their Artist Listing (TNC website).
Note: Non Members are only listed by name in TNC’s Artist Section.
– Priority listing in TNC’s Artist Section (TNC website).
– Priority review of new music and latest singles at TNC’s weekly Music Meetings.
– Priority given to eligible and approved singles during the INDIE ROW’LL CALL process.
– Member of the exclusive TNCollective Closed Online Group – Full of shared industry tips, industry discussion and feedback, and more!

Level 2 – $199
*Includes Level 1
PLUS – Minimum 4 Guaranteed “Artist of the Day” Features.
PLUS – Minimum 1 Guaranteed “Artist of the Month” Profile/Promotion on both TNC Radio and TNC Social Media, which includes a minimum 50 x 30 Second Artist Promo’s on TNC Radio + Social Media.
PLUS – Customized TNC Support Graphics to better help promote singles.
PLUS – Exclusive Reminders to Like and Share TNC Promotional Supportive Posts.
PLUS – 24 Hour TNC Support – If you need extra support, feedback, music review, advice, etc – TNC is here to help however it can!

*Additional elements may be added to TNCollective Memberships throughout the year.

TNCollective Memberships are totally optional.
All Artists are welcomed and supported by TNC.
Memberships DO NOT determine or dictate air play.
ALL Artists will be given equal consideration to have their music played on TNC Radio, as well as have a presence via TNC.

CONTACT TNC for more details today!
Memberships can be paid via e-transfer or PayPal – Ask for details.
tnc at truenorthcountry dot ca

Your support of TNC is greatly appreciated!!

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