I'm here to have a damn good time, how 'bout it are you with me?!

Scott's desire to entertain and contribute to a good time is the driving force behind an upbeat and energetic live show. If he is on a stage it is because he is there for YOU.

His sound is heavily influenced by the 90’s country he grew up on but he likes his country rockin' too. Often drawing comparisons to Jason Aldean and Eric Church has not been surprising, given they are two of his biggest modern influences. Playing both covers and original songs, it's all about the experience music and a song creates.

Growing up on a farm in Joyceville he always enjoyed singing along with songs like anyone else, but picked up the guitar at the tail end of high school. He turned the corner and began taking music more serious after a few open mic nights at the Brass Pub, landing his Saturday night residency that he had there for four plus years before the pandemic. He is at The Creekside Bar & Grill in Battersea every Friday night.

Scott released his first self titled EP in 2019, as well as follow up singles "Flight Risk", "Loud & Liquored" and "I Never Wrote You a Song" in 2020. In 2021 he opened for The Abrams in Brampton at the Stomp'N Stampede and headlined the Sunday night at the Tweed Stampede and Jamboree. 2021 saw two more releases "Feel Good Summer Song" and "Hold On To Me (Chantelle & Haley's Song)". His new single Beer Fridge just released in April 2022 is also his first to go to radio!

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